Doing only one thing in more than 20 years: managing good fruit

Zhengzhou Chen's Sun Fruit and Vegetable Trading Co., Ltd. founded in 1992. It is a senior large-scale enterprise in business of imported fruits and domestic premium fruits.



Established a global procurement team to develop direct sourcing in more than 30 countries including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Peru, Thailand, and Vietnam. In this way we can control the quality from origin and supply the best fruits to our customers.

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Company leaders were invited to participate in the fruit logistica in Shanghai
Chen's Sun leaders were invited to participate in the fruit logistica in Shanghai, they met with suppliers from all over the world and happily negotiated important guidelines for long-term cooperation

Integrate global fruit resources

to build international renowned brands


Chen's Sun adheres to the global fruit direct sourcing operation and cooperated with well-known suppliers, to provide our consumers with pure and delicious fruits. 

Adhering to the brand operation concept,
Create your own brand​


From the place of origin to table, we strictly control the quality of the fruits, achieved a three-in-one link of fruit production, sales and distribution.

Zhengzhou Chen's Sun Fruit and Vegetable Trading Co., Ltd.

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